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Sensory ErD living places

As a part of this project, a concept for the qualification and certification of nature-related, (extra-) school teaching sites (e.g. parks, daycare centers, schools, museums, forests) and their testing was developed. Thus the focus of Saxony-Anhalt as a garden state was strengthened and developed, and the Börde museum as well as the administrative district Börde sharpened their profiles.

In addition, a network of different actors was created. They mutually strengthen their presence and exchange their expertise. Regular further training and workshops are just as much a result of the project as a criteria catalogue, in order to hold qualitatively high-quality offers ready particularly for children and young people. As the initiator, the Börde Museum will also be the first point of contact for new interested partners and users in the future.

Project management: Dr. Nadine Panteleon

Coordination team: Annett Kriewald, Joanna Obenauff

Funding: Leader funding by the ESF (European Social Fund), the municipality of Ummendorf and the Börde district (as the sponsor of the Börde Museum).