In accordance with its mission according to the ICOM guidelines, the museum also devotes itself to the research of its holdings. Findings from research are always incorporated into exhibitions and are presented, for example, in lectures at the museum, in Germany and abroad, or applied in museum educational projects. The presentation of research results also includes participation in conferences and workshops. Independently of the collections, there is research by the leading and scientific staff (archaeology, industrialization, agriculture, provenance, regional history, dialect). This contributes to the profiling of the museum and thus of the district.

Cooperations (see Cooperations and Projects) with various partners also characterize the museum work in the Börde Museum: For example, with the Museum Association of Saxony-Anhalt, the Low German Research Center (Institute for German Studies at Otto von Gericke University Magdeburg) or the Georg August University of Göttingen. A larger research project in 2021 was the project "Börde-Life vs. Börde-Art". This involved research into art holdings and digital presentation options. Another example is a project from the 1990s, which dealt with the "Rural festive clothing of the 19th century in the Deuregio Ostfalen". A stocktaking, documentation and evaluation of the traditional costumes in a total of 11 museums in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt took place. Exhibitions and the presentation of the results in a book publication rounded off the research project.

In addition to in-house research, the museum supports scientists, institutions and private individuals in research projects. It advises and makes available archive material, specialist literature and collection objects.