Annual publications of the districts' museums

Annual publications of the Börde district 2007 to 2018

The first volume of the "Die Magdeburger Börde" series of the former Wanzleben district museum in Ummendorf was published in 1959 and the first volume of the annual publication of the Haldensleben district museum in 1960. In the course of the regional reform in 1994, the series was renamed "Jahresschriften der Museen des Ohrekreises" and since then has continued the tradition of the "Jahreshefte" or "Wolmirstedter Beiträge" of the Wolmirstedt District Museum, of which a total of 18 volumes were printed from 1974 onwards. Since 2007, the series has been continued under the name Jahresschrift der Museen des Landkreises Börde. The content profile of the museum publication is primarily based on the work of the three museums Ummendorf, Wolmirstedt and Haldensleben. Like the museums, it promotes the development of a regional identity, conveys well-founded knowledge and contributes to the development of regional history for cultural tourism. This includes individual contributions on the following topics: collections, exhibitions, research areas, regional history, archaeology, folklore, art history and natural history.

Authors who are interested are welcome to contact the museum staff/contact persons if they would like to submit a suitable research object or finished manuscript.


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