Architecture in the (herb) garden

In addition to the agricultural technology collection, the museum's garden area of around 2,000 square meters includes a sculpture garden and a botanical display as well as kitchen garden: the herb garden. In this area there are two special exhibits of the museum, which are the focus of the project: the so-called Lusthaus from the 18th century and a garden pavilion in Art Nouveau style from the early 20th century. Together with a third pavilion, which has not yet been restored and reconstructed, they are to form a new exhibition unit on the subject of garden architecture. To this end, the restoration of the Lusthaus will first be completed. This includes the restoration of the flooring, the walls, the refurbishment of the door wings and the new acquisition of skylight and windows according to the criteria for the preservation of historical monuments.

Furthermore, a third garden pavilion will be restored within the measure. This garden pavilion - a donation from the Schliephake family from Seehausen - has been awaiting restoration since the winter of 2001/2002. In the course of the restoration, large-scale additions have to be made and a level foundation surface has to be provided on which the pavilion will be erected. There is space in the western moat to complete the architectural ensemble.

As demographics change, barrier-free access will be provided for both. The project is generously supported by Leader and is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2022.

Project management: Dr. Nadine Panteleon, Jochen J. Lohmann

Funding: LEADER - LAG Flechtinger Höhenzug