Börde-Museum Burg Ummendorf
Meyendorffstr. 4
39365 Ummendorf    
Telefon: +49 39409 522



Museum Management:

Mrs. Dr. Nadine Panteleon

Tel.: 039409-522



Scientific areas of responsibility:

Mrs. Dr. Nadine Panteleon

Projects and archaeological material


Mrs. Dipl.-Ethn. Sabine Vogel

Museum assistant, museum pedagogy and cultural-historical objects


Ms. Denise Linder (M.A.)

Museum assistant in further education, collection care and outreach


Mr. Guido Skirlo

Honorary staff projects (Börde-Life vs. Börde-Art / Sweet and Sour)



Mrs. Bettina Haase

Exhibition design and organization


Mrs. Petra Schmidt

Budget and organization, library and archive



Mr. Axel Schnitzer

Restoration of museum objects and exhibition design


Mr. Uwe Schmidt

Agricultural machinery restoration


Library and archive:

Mr. Dr. Ulrich Mühe

(Photo) archive and digitization


Mrs. Petra Schmidt

Library and Archive


Herb Garden and garden education:

Mrs. Renate Maibach

Mr. Jörg Neubauer