Herb garden

Events such as "Kräuter im Topf - Kochen um den Kräutergarten" (Herbs in the pot - cooking around the herb garden) deepen individual focal points and convey both interesting facts and culinary suggestions and taste experiences. In this exhibition area of the museum, the bridging of the historical, the present and the future succeeds in a special way for all senses through special guided tours and activities.

Here, visitors can learn important facts about the use of plants and their classification as edible and spice plants, raw material suppliers for plant dyes, oils and fibers, as well as medicinal and poisonous plants. The areas of the "Baroque Garden" and the "Medieval Garden", inaugurated in 2006 and 2011, respectively, represent a content-related and visual enrichment of the grounds.

In the direct line of sight, the flora of the respective historical period is recreated in the usual horticultural design. Visitors who are keen to explore can easily find out which plants originated in America or were already cultivated in the monastery gardens and were increasingly available for use in Central Europe.