Sweet and sour

Exploring and understanding historical technology with digital technology

Thanks to the "Sweet and Sour" project, visitors to the Börde Museum Burg Ummendorf will be able to explore parts of historical steam technology in a virtual exhibition. A Heucke plough locomobile and the Fowler caravan have been recreated in 3D for this purpose. At key points on the exhibits, which are scanned on site with a mobile device, additional information is provided in the form of images, voice files or film sequences. Interested visitors can learn about the history of the companies Heucke (Gatersleben) and Fowler (Leeds-Magdeburg) as well as the Sauer plowing company (Eilsleben). It also succeeds in better illustrating the technical equipment of the locomobiles and conveying more about the living conditions during contract plowing. The viewer is immersed in the working and living environment of the plow crews.