(Kopie 1)

Börde life vs. Börde art

The Börde Museum collects, preserves and exhibits items from the Magdeburg Börde. In its almost 100-year history, the collection has grown and consists of various object units. Two of these units are graphics/paintings and photographs. Both have not yet been inventoried in their entirety, nor have they been digitized. They are mainly works by regional artists as well as by amateur and professional photographers. Within the project, a representative selection was digitized and processed in applications.

In a map, the curious can explore (in German, English and Low German) the Börde in pictures and sounds. In addition, a digital hidden object game for the young generation and three "artist portraits" (Fritz Giesecke, August Bratfisch, Daisy Roderich-Huch) were created, which show the work of the protagonists.

Project management: Dr. Nadine Panteleon

Project contact: Dr. Ulrich Mühe (photographs), Guido Skirlo (art)

Funding: Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, County of Börde