Sculpture garden

The garden of the Börde Museum is not only adorned by herbs and agricultural equipment. Already on the west side of the garden, between the medieval garden and the so-called Lusthaus from the 18th century, stands a sandstone sculpture: "Sitzende" is the name of this work by Harri Schneider (1929-1992) and was created during the Ummendorf Artists' Symposia in 1981 and 1982.

Most of the sculptures exhibited above all on the east side of the castle were created in the course of this series of events. Between 1975 and 1985, the Börde Museum, then called the 'Agricultural Museum', was the host. Sculptors and painters lived and worked on site for over 4 weeks. The work on the works was initially carried out in the sandstone quarry between Ummendorf and Wefensleben and only at the end of the symposium, the heavy colossi were transported to the exhibition in the moat of the museum. Among the works remaining in the museum through purchase are those created by Eberhard (1921-1980) and Wolfgang Rossdeutscher (born 1945), Dieter Borchardt (born 1931), Klaus Thiede (born 1939) and Jochen Sendler (1934-2005). Not only in the sculpture garden, but also in other places in the region, for example, in the Harz Mountains, in Magdeburg or in Wolmirstedt can be found works that were created in the course of the symposia.